Come, tell me how you live

This is the first attempt at blogging of a 17-year-old Delhi girl, Prashansa Taneja, who loves reading, writing, art, music and not to mention, tea and cakes. Her love for books, reading and writing has brought her here.


9 Responses to Come, tell me how you live

  1. radhanair says:

    hi and thanx. Delightful combo esply 4 one like me with a sweet tooth that inclds books ofcrse!!!!!! your goin gr8 guns. keep bloggin nd i’l keep reading!
    lots of luv in xchnge 4 the t,cs nd bks.(got it?)

  2. Prashansa says:

    Thank you so much, Ma’am!

  3. Yomna says:

    congratulations, i was really happy to see this, i love reading as well but unfortunately most of the books i read is in Arabic , i think some are translated to other languages, i hope you can read them one day

    • Prashansa says:

      Thank you so much for visiting my blog! I am glad you love reading too. And yes, I hope books written in Arabic are translated more often in English.

      Keep reading!

  4. Kanu says:

    Oo la la… its awesome and Congratulations.. 🙂

    Though I am not much into reading..but I really loved your blog.. especially the visual theme..
    Till now I was not able to understand what to read. So I hope your blog will somewhat help me to read some outstanding pieces of literature..

    Will be waiting for more posts.. Love you.. 🙂

  5. s says:

    i really like reading your blog. it’s sad many regular bloggers arent blogging anymore. pls do start blogging again, i would love to read how reading has been as an experience for you in teens and how it is different now. keep writing!

  6. Dr Paras Nawaz says:

    An inspiring blog, it is good to meet a young bibliophile from Dehli.Keep up the good work.

  7. Parag says:

    Hi Prashansa! I don’t know if you are still maintaining this blog, but I accidently stumbled upon it and believe me, I loved it a lot. Particularly I loved your writing. You are a good writer (as reflected in these old pieces, but now surely you have grown even better and more refined). Your love for letters is truly inspiring. All the best.

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