Ever smelt a book?

Ever smelt a book?

Have you ever smelt those sepia-toned pages of your favourite book? Ever found yourself lost in the soft fragrance of a Vintage edition and all your senses participating in your reading session?Ever hugged an old book like a long-lost friend you just met again on the way? Ever felt an urge to travel to the destination so picturesquely described as the setting of a novel?

I think every bibliophile has experienced these ethereal moments while reading. I, too, recently found myself submerged in an ocean of sentiments and ideas while reading the absorbingly beautiful English translation of Rabindranath Tagore’s Home and the World by Sreejata Guha. For a week, I was hypnotised, mesmerised and felt myself flowing with Tagore’s (and Guha’s) words. So, I bought Guha’s translation of Choker Bali as well.


I’ll be writing about the two books soon. So don’t forget to read!

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