The First Slice from the Freshly-Baked Cake of Life


That time of the year is here again when my consumption of tea multiplies many fold. Autumn is here, ‘can Winter be far behind?’. The nights give that chilly, goosebumpby feeling. I sink in my bed often, with a cuppa of hot tea just made by Mummy- at any time of the day, this is one thing she never refuses to do for me.  The tea has a very soft effect on my mouth, it has been infused with cardamom and ginger,  used oft in Indian households as natural warmth-inducers. Yes, so, where was I? Ah, I was sinking in my bed with an ideal cup of tea- with, of course, a book in one hand. The tea gives me a high and I embark on a journey where I travel through pages to discover many unknown lands and lives. How do I describe to you the softness such moments render time- the effect is similar to the hand of a supple girl fondling a fur coat.

Hold your breath, Reader, as I am going to share many of such moments with you here. I will confide in you the details of my readings and talk to you about many, many books- promise me you’d read them too. Or if you won’t, you would at least leave a word or two.

Cakes come in all flavours, shapes and sizes- blueberryheartstrawberryroundvanillarectangularwalnutchocolatetruffle  trianglebanoffecheesecakelemon. At a typical tea party, one would have tea with cakes (no milk, ppplease!). Well, I’d have it with books.  But then, cakes do form an important part of my ‘gastronomical imagination’. Believe me, I have tried a hand at baking, only to fail miserably.  So, I treat myself occasionally. Seeing a bakery at a distance is signal enough for me to run to that corner of the street and buy cupcakes asap. My dream is, trying to have all the three things together, one day.

My dream for long has also been to have a space where I can share what I gained from my reading sessions with kindred spirits from places far and wide. In my milieu, reading is a habit that usually doesn’t go beyond super-fast Chetan Bhagat mundane sagas. Though I have nothing against them, it does become repetitive. Or often, there is a complete absence of the reading habit. When I talk about books, acquaintances often look at me as if I were a sea-green Martian who would burst into a pool of sticky blue blood any moment. Dieu merci, there are some dear soul who have been kind enough to heed my existence and with whom I share the biggest passion of my life- literature. Come, Reader, I am sure you will be happy to become a part of them. I have laid an exquisite mahogany tea-table for you. We’ll talk about books over tea and cupcakes. Would you like some sugar?


©Sylvia Nickerson/The Globe and Mail



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5 Responses to The First Slice from the Freshly-Baked Cake of Life

  1. Vidhi says:

    u’ve painted a lovely picture of coziness…..both through ur writing as well as ur blog’s visual theme…..loved it….waiting for more…..
    and yes, i do agree that if u r not in the habit of reading books, ur life seems shallow……happens to me when i get too busy doing other stuff leading to reading draughts which often leave me feeling superficial and someone whose intellect and imagination is decreasing over the days………… i get back to reading to make me feel like myself, to enjoy the warmth of the fertility of my mind…..basically reading gets u closer to urself, even if u r reading some fantasy fiction like the Potter series!
    P.S. very apt example of Chetan-Bhagat-type non-readers 😉

  2. Prashansa says:

    Thanks Vidhi! Being one of the first readers of TCB, you will always hold a special place! I am glad you loved it. And yes- there will be more, so you can subscribe to the blog and never miss a post!

  3. RAT says:

    Words truly possess the abilty to transport the audience across time and other barriers.The same is effected by the picture you’ve portrayed here of comfort, warmth, bonhomie and enlightenment.
    My best wishes!Look forward to walk your walk and read what you read, to listen to you, seated beside you at the mahogany,and sip on the tea you so deliciously describe.The cakes, oh well, bring ’em on!

  4. Prashansa says:

    You simply made a poem of my day! I am glad you liked it. I’ll be looking forward to your reactions. It’s lovely to hear from you.

    Keep reading!

  5. Sona says:

    what a lovely invitation – i’m in!

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